50 Mile Photo Finish: (L to R) Chelsea Ashton on Mallie, Wendy Carnegie on Bolt, and Darice Whyte on Tia. Photo credit: Dianne Borger and Darice Whyte.

These winners have already been announced and posted….but it’s time to celebrate their accomplishments again. 2020 was not the ride season that anyone expected, but we all pulled together and had some excellent rides. Some of us ended up with more time to train and ride than we normally would have had, and for that we are grateful. The riders who won awards this year worked hard, rode smart, and did the distance. Congratulations! You are an inspiration to all of us!!

Open Division Champion:
Chelsea Ashton and Gold Blossom (Mallie)
Open Division Reserve:
Wendy Carnegie and The X Factor RF (Bolt)
Limited Distance Champion:
Kelli Hayhurst and IWF Psymir
Limited Distance Reserve:
Iris Oleksuk and Evening Klassic SVA
Top Junior Rider:
Ethen Garn
High Mileage Horse:
Gold Blossom (Mallie)
Limited Distance: (L to R) Kelli Hayhurst on Psymir and Iris Oleksuk on Evee. Photo credit: Dianne Borger and Darice Whyte.
Ethen on his new horse, Ziyeed. Congratulations to this Junior! Photo credit: Darice Whyte

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