Recent changes to the COVID protocols means HERE WE GO!
This event is on August 7 – 8, 2021 at Grosse Isle.
To register for this event visit:
Riders are to bring their own water for both horses and humans
There is no washroom facilities
Please let me know if you are camping overnight friday or Saturday (or both)
Some flags are visible to the right or left but you will see no red or green indicating to turn so if there is no red or green search ahead, I will try to add some extra markers where there might be confusion but search straight ahead before making any turn
Start times still to be confirmed check back later this week!
Vet is Glenn.
*This ride is taking place based on the current Covid-19 policies, which are subject to change, and we are still obtaining AERC sanctioning. In the event of a change we will let you know immediately. Should the ride be cancelled, your ride fees will be refunded if requested or automatically kept for the next ride.  Any memberships received will be retained.

A negative Coggins test, within one year of date on the Coggins form, is required for registration.

Be sure that you and everyone in your vehicle prints out and completes a self declaration. Upon arrival, you will be required to present a self-declaration form for each person in your vehicle and then you will be directed to a parking spot that maintains social distancing between rigs. 


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