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Ride Manager: Shannon Lightfoot

Trail Markers: Christine Steendam, Jennifer Rogers

Day Managers: Kelli Hayhurst, Brenda Tolpa


Ride Camp: Mars Sand Hills Trail, Libau, MB R0E 1C0




Take Hwy #59 north of Winnipeg toward Grand Beach. Just after you cross over Devil’s Creek, turn east (right) on Road 84N. Stay on 84 for approximately 5 1/2 miles. Ride camp will be a turn to the north (left) just after the s-turn by the gravel pits. Signs will be posted.

Trails are mostly sand and dirt with a bit of gravel. Hoof protection is recommended.

Ride camp is in an area that is sometimes used by target shooters. Be prepared to check your camp and temporary pen area for hazards before off loading horses.

Water is provided for horses in camp and on trail. Bring human water, unless you are not human in which case you are on your own.


Saturday and Sunday

Vetting starts at 7:30 am

50’s start at 8:30am

25’s at 9:30am

10/15 at 10:30am


We look forward to seeing you all there, Safe trails!

Mars Sand Hills Trail · Mars Sand Hills Trail, Libau, MB R0E 1C0, Canada

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