Spruce Woods Spring Spectacular Updated Info 


Directions to Spruce Woods Provincial Park Equestrian Campsite

USE ACTUAL GPS COORDINATES OF 49.678209, -99.146762

Do not use the automatic one in your device as it may take you to a site across the river!! 

From HWY #1: 

  • Turn south at Carberry onto #5 Hwy to Assiniboine river. 
  • Cross bridge go about 1km, then 
  • Turn left into Kiche Manitu Campground – Spruce Woods and follow the signs to the Equestrian Center 8km. 

From HWY #2: 

  • Turn north on #5 Hwy to Assiniboine River, then 
  • Before the bridge turn right into Kiche Manitu Campground – Spruce Woods and follow the signs to the Equestrian Center 8km. 


Camping Fees:

Equestrian Campground
Basic $15.75
Electrical $19.95


For more information please visit: https://www.friendsofsprucewoods.com/equestrian-campground


Friday May 13       5:00pm – Ride Camp will be up and running 

                                5:00pm to 6:00pm only – Vetting for Saturday 50 mile horses 


Saturday May 14  7:00am – Vetting 50/25/15/10 mile horses in distance priority 

                                7:45am – Ride Meeting for 50 mile riders 

                                8:00am – 50 mile race starts 

                                8:30am – Ride Meeting for 25 mile riders 

                                9:00am – 25 mile race starts 

                                10:00am – 10/15 mile intro starts 

                                7:30pm – Fireside Desserts 


Sunday May 15     7:00am – Vetting 50/25/15/10 mile horses in distance priority 

                                7:45am – Ride Meeting for 50 mile riders 

                                8:00am – 50 mile race starts 

                                8:30am – Ride Meeting for 25 mile riders 

                                9:00am – 25 mile race starts 

                                10:00am – 10/15 mile intro starts 


Trail Marker Legend:

 Blue & white – 15 mile loop 

Pink & white – 10 mile loop 

Green & white – left turn 

Red & white – right turn 

Note: ribbons will always be on your right-hand side

Water will be available for horses near the cabin on the “Swanson” and “Girling” trails for both the Pink and Blue loops, as well as on the “Swanson” trail heading back into camp for the Blue loop. 


10-mile loop – Pink

Follow the pink ribbons out of camp, up the hill and onto the “Swanson Trail”. Follow the Swanson Trail, which will go by a cabin, and follow the pink ribbons onto the “Girling Trail”. From the “Girling Trail” There will be two-way traffic along this loop. Just past Park Road, the trail will split off and leave “Girling Trail”. Follow the pink ribbons on your right and you’ll enjoy the hogs back, come back down to “Girling Trail” and follow the ribbons there until you come to a left turn (Green ribbon), which will loop up, around, and join back to the “Girling Trail.” This will take you back to Park Road, where you will then rejoin the two-way traffic section of Girling Trail, back past the cabin where the pink will take you back onto Swanson Trail and back to ride camp. 

The 10-mile loop consists of primarily grassy and sandy trails.  

Remember, when there is two-way traffic, always follow the ribbon on your right-hand side


15-mile loop – Blue

Follow the blue ribbons out of camp, up the hill and onto “The Great Trail”. Follow the blue ribbons on the trail to “Park Road” where you’ll turn right (red ribbon), follow the blue ribbons a short way and then you’ll make another right turn (red ribbon) into the sand dunes. Once through the sand dunes, you will join “Girling Trail” heading south/SW. Follow this down to the “Border Connection” trail and then you’ll have a right turn onto “Swanson Trail”. Follow “Swanson Trail” and the blue ribbons back to ride camp. Note that the last bit of trail back into camp is two-way traffic.  

The 15-mile loop consists of primarily grassy and sandy trails and a small section that may be gravel. The sand dunes consist of deep sand and some steep hills. 

PLEASE NOTE: Spruce Woods Provincial Park is a public park.  You may encounter bikes, hikers of all ages, dogs, etc. on the trails.  Standard Trail etiquette applies at all times.  Be respectful and lead by example.  Educate where appropriate and always make it your priority to keep you and your horse safe even if it costs you a little time

After Each Loop* 

  • Go to your crewing/rest area to get your horse’s pulse down, or stay in the cooling area off to the side of the Vet Gate until you are ready to present to the Vet; 
  • Heart Rate Courtesy Checkers, if available, may check your horse’s pulse on request, however, the Vet’s HR will always be the official record upon the exam; 
  • When you have met or are under your pulse criteria, proceed to the TIMER FIRST before you proceed to the Vet Gate and call “TIME” and identify yourself by name and your horse by name, distance and competition number.  (Our timers are new and need your help to correctly identify you and your horse to ensure accurate race records) THEN enter the pulse Area and your time will be written down and you will receive your Vet Card to provide to the Vet Scribe. 
  • In the event your horse has not met pulse criteria, you will be requested to go back out and when your horse is ready to re-present you must advise the TIMER that of your new “Time”. 
  • Once the vet has completed the exam and you have been cleared to continue, you may then go to your Crew/Rest area for the remainder of your 1 hour hold period (calculated from your “TIME”, not the end of your exam)
  • Once you are ready to go back out onto the next loop, ensure you check in with the TIMER to ensure your hold time is up – no sneaking onto the course early!

*Except the “race to the finish” for 50 mile riders… your finish time after your final loop is the actual time you cross the Finish Line marked on the course, not when you are ready to present to the Vet for your exam 


  • Awards will be given out at the Saturday Fire Pit Dessert Wind-down for the Saturday completed events and then Sunday at the completion of the events. 
  • If you are leaving before awards are presented, then please find Andy Dunlop to pick up your awards or they will be held until the following ride. 

General Notes:

  • All dogs must be kept on a leash, tied to your trailer, crated or confined inside your trailer/truck in Ride Camp and Crewing areas. 
  • Dogs are not permitted near the Vet Gate area or Trot Lane at any time. 
  • No smoking on the trail. 
  • No smoking in the Vet Gate area. 
  • Pulse criteria will be 64 bpm for the 50 mile, and 60 bpm for the 25 mile and intro distances. 
  • Hold times will be 1 hour for all holds for both 50 and 25 mile races. 
  • Cell phone coverage in the Vet Gate area is almost non-existent.  Sometimes a text will get through, so if you are having trouble on the trail, please text to either Andy Dunlop at 204-990-9782, or Wendy Nagtegaal at 204-223-8781, and send a message with riders going by in case the text fails. 

Emergency Plan


  • Do not move injured parties; 
  • Contact Andy Dunlop at 204-990-9782, or Wendy Nagtegaal at 204-223-8781; 
  • Find an First Aide person at the Vet Gate area; 
  • Health centers are located in Glenboro and Carberry; 
  • Main hospitals are located in Brandon & Winnipeg; 
  • EMS phone 911 if required. 


  • Contact the Ride Veterinarian, Glenn Sinclair, at the Vet Gate for treatment advice or referral to Equine Clinic; 
  • Contact Andy Dunlop at 204-990-9782, or Wendy Nagtegaal at 204-223-8781; 
  • Referral Clinic is Elders Equine Practice. 


Registration is now open for the May 14th and 15th “DRM 2022 Spruce Woods Spring Spectacular”!

Click here to –>  

Or, if you want to go “old school”, click on these words to sign up: words words words words words.

Dates: May 14th and 15th 2022
Start Time: 7:00am
End Time: 10:00pm
Location: Spruce Woods Provincial Park Equestrian Campground
Contact Name: Andy Dunlop
Contact Email: frauandy@hotmail.com
Contact Phone: 204-990-9782

Spruce Woods Spring Spectacular Endurance Ride will be setting up Ride Camp at the Equestrian Campground on Friday night after 5pm. There are limited corrals and stalls available for use at this site. All camp sites, horse corrals and barn stalls are on a first come first served basis with camping, stabling and firewood fees to be paid to the Spruce Woods Provincial Park directly as per usual.

We are offering Intro rides of 10 or 15 miles for beginners or those who wish to leg up their horses for later in the season. 

This is an AERC sanctioned ride and will offer Limited Distance Rides (LD) of 25 miles each day. This distance is suitable for anyone that has fit horses. 

We will also offer Competitive Endurance Rides of 50 miles each day. This distance is NOT suitable for beginners and should only be entered by athletes ready to challenge themselves and their equine partners.

All horses are subject to vet checks prior to beginning the ride each day, during ride holds and at the conclusion of the ride. Any horse may be pulled from competition by the ride veterinarian for lameness or metabolic issues. 

Riders may also choose to Rider Option (RO) if the ride vet has not pulled the horse as riders know their equine partners best and our sport is about the horse’s health and well being coming before all other considerations.

AERC Motto: “To Finish Is To Win!”



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