Souris Bend Benefit Endurance Ride and Run, September 3 & 4th, 2022

Join us for the Souris Bend Benefit Endurance Ride and Run

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Our Souris Bend ride takes place in the Souris Bend Wildlife Management Area, south of Wawanesa,MB.


It is an extremely challenging ride which includes many technical elements, such as very steep inclines and descents, a ‘roller coaster’ and several water crossings. 


This year the ride has added an extra exciting component. The 50 mile riders and horses will be competing against human runners for the first 25 miles. 


For safety purpose the horse and riders will ride the 15 mile loop first and the runners will start off on the 10 mile trail. Then they will switch. We hope to have 15 riders total with 5 riders in the 50 mile race competing with the runners. 


We are looking forward to an exciting day and hope this will become an annual competition!


Souris Bend Endurance Ride and Run
Sept. 3, 2022
50 miles
Vet check 7am  Start time 8am
Loop 1- red loop- trot by in camp blue loop and purple loop 25 miles done. 45 minute hold. 
Loop 2- repeat red trail skipping amphitheatre – 45 minute hold.
Loop 3- Repeat Blue and purple loop. Finish
25 miles
Vet check at 8 am start at 9am
Loop 1 – Red loop 60 pulse 45 minute hold
Loop 2 –  Blue and purple loop 60 pulse to finish
15 miles
Vet check anytime after the 25 milers have finished 
Start at 10:00
Loop 1 of the 25’s mile ride (RED) 60 pulse to finish
No vet check required! Lol
Start at 8:30
Loop 1-Purple and Blue
Loop 2- Red

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