Birds Hill Park Fall Ride 2022, October 8th, 2022

Join us for the Birds Hill Park Fall Ride 2022! 

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October 8 – Birds Hill Park

Birds Hill Endurance Ride will be setting up camp at the Folk Fest grounds at the east gate of Birds Hill Provincial Park. Provincial park passes will be required. Ride camp will be primitive camping with no electrical available. Water will be provided for the horses, but you must bring all your own supplies, in addition to your own containment for your horses. All manure must be removed from your site and taken with you. Generators will not be allowed during quiet hours of 10 pm to 7 am. Vet will be Dr. Glenn Sinclair.

This is one day only AERC sanctioned ride and will offer 25 mile Limited Distance and 50 mile Endurance Ride. Horses are subject to vet checks prior, during and after each ride. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, Best condition, High Vet score and Best Junior for each distance on each day.

In addition, intro rides of 10 or 15 miles will be offered each day. This is a great way to try out the sport and any reasonably in shape horse should be able to complete the ride. Horses will have a vet check at the beginning and completion of the ride. These rides are for experience only and have no time limits and no placings.

From hwy 59 and hwy 44:
Head east of hwy 44 to PR 206. Turn south on 206 to the east gate of Birds Hill Park. Ride camp will be on the south side once you go through the park gates. Signs will be posted.

From Hwy 59 and PR 313 (Garven Road)
Head east on PR313 to the round-about. Take the north exit from the round-about onto PR206. Head north to the east gate of Birds Hill Park. Ride camp will be on the south side once you go through the park gates. Signs will be posted.


Friday October 7, 2022
Ride camp will be open approximately 5pm for those wishing to haul in the night before.

Saturday October 8, 2022
0700 Vetting begins. Priority in order of distance, ei, 50s then 25s then intro riders 0745 Ride meeting for 50 mile riders
0800 50 mile ride begins
0845 Ride meeting 25 mile riders
0900 25 mile ride begins
0945 Ride meeting for intro riders
1000 Intro ride begins
Awards will be sent to riders post event.

Please note due to some park restrictions maps are subject to change. Riders will be notified as soon as we know or at latest during the ride meeting. Birds Hill park trail marking is frequently subject to sabotage but we will do our best to replace removed ribbons.

General notes:

·         –  All dogs must be kept on a leash, tied to your trailer, crated, or confined inside your trailer/truck while in Ride Camp and Crewing area. Please clean up after your pet.

·         –  Dogs are not permitted near the Vet Gate

·         –  No smoking on the trail, at Vet Gate or in Volunteer tent

·         –  Pulse criteria will be 64 bbm for the 50 mile and 60 bbm for the 25 mile and intro horses

·         –  Hold times will be 45 minutes for all holds.

·         –  Food will not be provided for volunteers, riders or Vets. Please ensure you have everything you need.

15 Mile Loop





Head east towards highway 206 then turn left onto the road to take you to east gate staging area. Head up the red trail (bridle) all the way past Nimowin road. You will cross the road still on the red trail and then make a right turn onto the green trail (Hazelnut) and continue to follow it all the way around back to crossing Nimowin road again. Once you come to Roscoe Road make a right turn and head up RR with a left turn onto Park Road. Go a short distance down Park then turn right onto the Tamarac trail. Head up the Tamarac to take a left onto the cut thru to other side of the Tamarac and then take another left onto the Tamarac. Continue down the Tamarac to Park Road. Take a right on PR and then a right onto the Lyme kiln trail. You will be riding the LK backwards. Follow it right around until you get to the huge mounds of dirt. Take a right turn and go into Mosquito Alley. Go ALL the way down MA until the trail ends. You will swing around thru the bush and head back in still on MA so you will be 2 tracking on a portion of the trail. At the entrance where you came in you will take a right turn and head along that trail which will take you out and across the north end of the polo field over to the pink (carriage trail) which you will follow all the way back to camp.


10 Mile Loop



Head west following the red horse signs. Cross festival drive to get into the open field. Follow the ribbons thru the field over to the water jump. From there you will go right towards Pope’s Hill. Continue thru the field along the tree line at north side. You will make a right turn which will take you past the cemetery. Make a right turn to the red horse trail that goes through the bush on the north side of Nimowin. You will come out at the polo field and ranch area.

BUT: that would be a LEFT turn while traveling North up Nimowin (after the cemetery) to head into the bush to come out at the south end of the Polo field.

Continue going west behind the MHC barns and up the trail to the Yellow (Esker) trail. Stay on the Esker trail coming right out to almost the north end of the polo field. You will turn left onto the Tamarac and follow that up to Park Road where you will take a right turn onto Park. You will then take Park back to the other side of Tamarac where you will take a right turn on the Tamarac and follow it to the green trail (Hazelnut). Turn left onto green to Roscoe Road and make a right onto RR. Take RR right past the ranger station and take a right which will take you onto Nimowin road. Follow Nimowin to the red horse trail and take a left into the bush. Follow the red horse trail through to the group use camping area making a left turn onto the service road that will lead you into east gate staging area. You will then ride towards the east gate entrance, cross festival drive and come south around the field back into camp.


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