8-October-20 Meeting Minutes

Location:  Darice Whyte’s Residence, Springfield, Manitoba

Call To Order – 6:35 p.m.

In Attendance: Board Members

Darice Whyte – President

Carrie Wilson – Vice President

Kelli Hayhurst – Treasurer

Trish Forde – Secretary


No members due to Covid-19

Absent: Shannon Lightfoot – Member at Large

Dianne Borger (MHC Representative)


The DRM Agenda, October 8, 2020, was and accepted and approved.


The minutes from August 4, 2020 meeting were accepted and approved.


Only board members were present at this meeting due to Covid-19.


Darice stated that, “We did darn good!  To have 29 riders register for a ride in October was really stellar.”  A lot of riders levelled up this season.


Kelli provided members with the club’s current financial status.

  • The club has $8400.00.
  • Club spent $21,853.00
  • Club made $19,00.00
  • Kelli stated that it is hard to decipher the financials recorded by the past treasurer.
  • Vet Fee – $350.00 per day.  Club will pay the AERC Membership for the first year of first time vet only.
  • $100/weekend event
  • Kelli suggested that we should have an accounting per ride.  Carrie stated that all the financial information is in Google Docs and she adds information as it comes in.


  • Carrie is owed $788.21 for:
    • BHP Summer Trails – Sanctioning and Fees – $325.29
    • Pembina Valley – Sanctioning and Fees – $319.82
    • MEC – Sanctioning – $48.06
    • Belair – Sanctioning – $95.04
  • These expenses were approved and funds were e-transferred to Carrie this evening.
  • Any outstanding fees from rides this season will be handled by Kelli.  She will make contact with riders to receive outstanding monies.


30 members


MHC Report – Deferred

a. Covid-19 Representative

Nothing to report at this time.

b. MHC Grant

Susan will pay Friends of Spruce Woods (FOSW) for the grant.  DRM will reimburse the expense.  Susan has been reimbursed.  There is a $15.00 for the signage on the pens that will have to be reimbursed to Susan once she submits the receipt.

c. Trails Meeting

Carrie and Darice attended the Trails Meeting.  Carrie sent an email to MHC after the meeting but she has not received a response.  There wasn’t an MHC rep at this meeting and it is very important that, as MHC members, we have a voice in these meetings as there are other clubs that use these trails who are present.  Our sport uses these trails and we need the support of MHC and the other clubs that share these trails.


  • Darice sent a message to Shannon asking if she has enough ribbons to give to Kelli to send out as awards and if we need to order ribbons for next year?
  • The promotions committee will now be called DRM Apparel.

YEAR END AWARDS COMMITTEE REPORT – (Darice Whyte, Shannon Lightfoot and Kelli Hayhurst)

There will be awards given for Mileage.  Darice has a picture of each winner.  Each winner will receive their picture, plus a ribbon.  Kelli will send the awards by mail.


A.  Communications

The Google account has all the information that board members need.  The board likes how all the information is in one place and that it is easily accessible.

  • Kelli is maintaining the email list of members as memberships come in.  She is also maintaining a list of all emails from people that took out day memberships or have shown interest in DRM.
  • Darice has an email list of members only.

B.  Website

In order to help out with adding information on the website, Mark and Kelli will be set up to perform updates.  It is critical that the information that is shared on between platforms is exactly the same to avoid any confusion to readers.  Carrie will write up a usage policy.

  • Darice has a couple blog entries to include on the website and Facebook page.

C.  Coaching Levy

  • Ride Fee Forms have been filled out and they are saved in Google Docs.
  • Linda from MHC is happy with the completed forms and payments received after each ride.

D.  Coggins Requirements

  • Change in Coggins Wording:  Proof of Negative EIA Test will be required once per year or more often at the discretion of the board.
  • Carrie will update policies.

E.  By Law Revision (Kelli)

  • Kelli will search our current policy wording re:  signatories and purpose changes to wording due to the change in how we approve payments.

F.  Policy Statements

  • Vet Fee Refund – Riders will only receive a credit/refund for their vet fees as long as they don’t present to the vet.  If riders present their horse to the vet, credit/refund will not be given.
  • Recording Ties – Are we recording to the seconds or not?  We decided to take some time to review what other clubs do before making a decision.  Our current timing instructions state that we record in Hours and Minutes.  If there looks like there will be a tie, the timer must record in Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

G.  Rule Book – Riders Off Trail

  • A policy has to be added to the DRM Rule Book for riders that go off trail.

H.  AGM Format

  • Online Meeting Platform – Zoom or MSTeams.  Kelli will test out MSTeams with Darice.  Kelli will chair the AGM and the Elections.
  • Voting Platform – Kelli will test out Slideo, a voting platform that we can use to facilitate the election process.
  • Review Draft Agenda – The draft AGM Agenda was amended and approved.



  • All Rides were sanctioned this season.

Placement Ribbons

  • Shannon to check if we have enough ribbons for this year and if re-ordering is needed for next year.

Unclaimed Ride Cards and Ribbons

  • Carrie handed Kelli an envelope with unclaimed ride cards.  Kelli will mail out the ride cards.

Equipment Trailer

  • Elizabeth has a list that should be passed onto Janine Thompson.


  • Online registration works well.  Darice didn’t like that she had to input her coggins form each time but it was decided at a previous meeting that it wasn’t a big problem as most of us have our coggins forms on our cell phones.

Covid-19 Policy

a. Covid-19 Compliance Officer (COO) Duties

  • Nothing to discuss until the first meeting of next year.

2021 Ride Schedule

a. Staging

  • For rides at Birds Hill Park (BHP), we hope to stage at East Gate next season.  Our preferred staging area would be the Folk Festival Grounds, however, we need to find out who the contact is.


  • We need to acknowledge our volunteers.  It was decided that a note pad with the DRM Logo be purchased and a hand written thank you be sent out to all volunteers.
  • Darice will compile a list of volunteers from this past season.
  • Carrie will upload the logo formats into Google Docs.
  • Trish will contact Vista Print for options and prices. She will report back to the board for a decision and place order.

Ride Updates

  • A list of ride dates with volunteers that have already committed to specific ride dates will be sent out to the board members. Discussion with MTRC will follow so that we can get as many Ride Dates with Ride Managers and Trail Markers confirmed prior to AGM.


The Annual General Meeting will be held on November 7, 2020.

Location:  Online Platform (ZOOM or MSTeams)

Time:  TBA

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Minutes by Trish Forde