AGM Minutes – Nov 16, 2019

Annual General Meeting

Distance Riders of Manitoba

November 16, 2019

Location: Smitty’s Restaurant Selkirk

Call to order -1:06

In attendance: Board Members

Darice Whyte- President

Carrie Wilson – Vice President

Maura Leahy- Treasurer

Absent: Trish Forde-Secretary

Susan Heald Member at Large


Dianne Borger (MHC Rep)

Terry McKee

Brenda Tolpa

Tammy Storie

Shannon Yaskiw

Troi Anderson

Tricia Mason

Iris Oleksuk

Angela Roberts

Kelli Hayhurst

Linda Cruden

Linda Gillies

Judy Olson

Kate Wilson

Andy Dunlop


The agenda for the AGM agenda November 16, 2019 was accepted and approved.


The minutes of the 2018 AGM were accepted and approved.


Darice welcomed all and thanked them for their support and interest in the club.


  • membership has grown for 27 to 39
  • Rides were all well attended
  • Volunteers did an excellent job
  • Hoping to add a new location for 2020.


  • net ride profit $1,682.55 which is down $200 from 2018 but still did well
  • Bank account is $10,997.40 of which ~$5,000 is the travel fund
  • 2019 Financial Report was accepted and approved as submitted (see attached)


  • mention was made of cyber awareness. This is important as we do receive emails asking for funds. These are attempts to defraud.
  • Sales of the 50/50 tickets were significantly less than expected. The funds were to go for many things however ended up being used to purchase picnic tables and bleachers from Pine Ridge
  • The Coaching Levy fee of $5.00. This will be discussed further at our meeting in January. Everyone is encouraged to take the free on line courses
  • Dianne has agreed to continue ending our MHC rep


  • Shannon has submitted the points/mileage report (to be posted on the website)
  • Shannon has agreed to continue tracking points and mileage for 2020


  • Elizabeth will continue to keep inventory at her place
  • Kelli proposed that all inventory is equally owned (value wise) and going forward both clubs should split (tabled to next meeting)
  • Shannon will assist equipment committee.
  • Complete inventory list attached


DRM Rule Book

  • once the rule book is ratified at the AGM it will stand for the next year’s rides.
  • Should be reviewed in fall and spring to be adjusted and ratified at annual AGM
  • Of rules conflict with AERC the more stringent rule will apply. EG AERC doesn’t have a mandatory helmet requirement. We do so helmets are required at our rides.
  • A suggested word change for the Coggins requirement at meeting. Proof of a negative EIA test will be required once per calendar year or more often at the discretion of the board
  • Board can decide frequency
  • Motion was made to accept and was approved
  • Motion to accept the creation of the DRM Policy Statements as submitted was approved

DRM Policy Statements

  • See attached for proposed motion regarding Travel Fund
  • Current fund is for Canadian Championships only and after checking with contacts in the east and west there are no plans at this time to host a championships
  • Many of our members do ride in the US and want the fund to cover AERC championships wherever they are held
  • The fund will be capped as of October 31, 2019
  • Starting October 31, 2020 $1,000 will be transferred into the new fund each year unless a Canadian Championship is held
  • Maura proposed leaving the fund as is however the proposal did not receive a second.
  • Proposed Motion regarding travel fund was approved and accepted as presented


With the assistance of Linda Cruden nominations and elections were held

A) Elected to Board of Directors

  • Carrie Wilson – 2 yr Term
  • Trish Forde – 2 yr Term
  • Kelli Hayhurst – 2 yr Term
  • Shannon Yaskiw – 1 yr Term

B) Election of Directors

  • President – Darice Whyte
  • Vice President – Carrie Wilson
  • Treasurer – Kelli Hayhurst
  • Secretary – Trish Forde
  • Member at Large – Shannon Yaskiw


A) Fundraising:

  • Andy has agreed to manage the Tack Sale which will be at SEC in the spring

B) Year End Awards

  • Darice will oversee the awards for 2020.
  • Once all the award costs for 2019 have been finalized a new budget for the 2020 awards will be proposed for approval by the board.
  • Motion was accepted and approved

C) DRM apparel

  • Shannon is going to follow up on this

D) Communications (Facebook, Website, Email list)

  • Carrie and Maura will continue to keep the pages updated
  • Darice has the email list for the membership

F) Meeting Schedule

  • Meetings to be held every 2 months beginning in February. Next meeting is February 26th at Darice’s


A. Sanctioning

  • Rides will continue to be sanctioned with AERC
  • Motion was accepted and approved

B. Ride Fees

  • ride fees will be discussed further at the February 2020 meeting

C. Ride registrar

  • Create a volunteer position of ride registrar. Carrie will continue in this position
  • Motion was accepted and approved

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM

Ride Camp Equipment
24Clipboards6 missing 10 DRM/14 MTRC
1Container Pens, Markers, Stapler, Staples, Hole PunchMTRC
3Heart rate monitorsMTRC
1milan Digital Watch MTRC
1Timing ClockMTRC
2Brochure HoldersMTRC
5Horse Markers MTRC
1First Aid KitMTRC
1Tiny Stapler MTRC
13Dry Erase MarkersMTRC
BoxGarbage BagsDRM
34Cones24 DRM/10 MTRC
2Folding TablesDRM
2Canopies1 MTRC/1 DRM
2DRM ride camp signs in sandwhich boardsDRM
4white boards2 DRM/2 MTRC
1measuring tapeMTRC
1garbage binMTRC/DRM
70 (approx)cups and lidsMTRC
1MTRC bannerMTRC
1MTRC wood ride camp signMTRC
1dolly/step ladderMTRC
1storage rackMTRC
napkins/toilet paper/ lunch bagsMTRC/DRM
tote bags for saleMTRC/DRM
horse numbersMTRC
4blue barrels (troughs)DRM
2water cube/toteAngela Roberts has oneDRM
4pails for securing canopyMTRC/DRM
DRM and MTRC ride camp signsMTRC/DRM
DRM volunteer vests DRM
MTRC Merch
8L DecalsNot countedMTRC
4S decalsMTRC
1M mens black tankMTRC
3M womens black tankMTRC
5L womens black tankMTRC
3L women’s white tankMTRC
4L purple mentor tshirt MTRC
1XL purple mentor tshirtMTRC
5M purple mentor tshirtMTRC
Trail Equipment
Miscellaneous Trail Materials
34Equestrian Trail Event Laminated Signs6 missingDRM
22 mile markers choroplastMTRC
25 mile markers choroplast1 missingMTRC
410 mile markers choroplastMTRC
21/2 mile markers choroplastMTRC
1Helmet Bag of binder twineDRM
1Tube white and orange ground flagsMTRC/DRM
1container of Windex wipesreplenishMTRC/DRM
5Hi-Visibility VestsMTRC
1Bostitch Stapler SetMTRC
1Arrow Staple Gunreplenish staplesMTRC
1Package of MarkersMTRC
1Package of HighlightersMTRC
fewPie PlatesreplenishMTRC
5Wooden Stakes (good for vampire attacks)MTRC
200 (approx)clothes pinsMTRC
Marking Ribbons
1Bin of made ribbons MTRC/DRM
14rolls of redDRM
15rolls of pinkDRM
9rolls of yellowMTRC
8rolls of greenDRM
7rolls of whiteDRM
8rolls of tigerMTRC
1rolls of candy caneMTRC
10rolls of blueDRM
6rolls of purposeMTRC
1 bagmisc. cut ribbonMTRC/DRM
Spray Paint

Motion for DRM AGM re Travel Fund: 


1. Whereas the motion passed at the October 3 DRM meeting “capped” the Travel Fund at an amount less than its current value (and a “cap” is a ceiling, not a middle); 

2. Whereas some members had insufficient context with which to vote on the motion; 

3. Whereas it was unclear in the October 3 motion what should happen to any monies removed from the fund; 

4. Whereas the original Terms of Reference establishing the National Travel Fund specified that the funds be used for a Canadian Championship competition; 

5. Whereas the original Terms of Reference establishing the National Travel Fund did not specify a timeline for spending the fund, or what would happen if the funds were not able to be used for the stated purpose; and 

6. Whereas the membership of DRM continues to want to be able to support members’ travel to Canadian Championships as well as other major competitions; 


I therefore move that 

a. The National Travel Fund be capped as of October 31, 2019 (our fiscal year end) with no further funds allocated to it; 

b. An amendment to the existing Terms of Reference for the National Travel Fund established in 2006, be adopted by DRM; 

c. A New Travel Fund be established, with wider parameters allowing for DRM to support travel to other Championship events; 

d. New Terms of Reference be adopted for the New Travel Fund; 

e. On October 31st, 2024, any remaining funds in the National Travel Fund will be transferred to the New Travel Fund. 

Moved by: Susan Heald 

Seconded by: Dianne Borger