Board Members

Darice Whyte


I have been competing in endurance with my mare Tia since 2011.  There was a steep learning curve especially with the longer distances but I have gained a lot of knowledge through our journey. In 2016 I achieved a childhood dream by completing the Tevis Cup ride in California with Tia. One day I hope to do it again.



Carrie Schellenberg Wilson


Carrie picked up the horse habit in 2012 when the neighbour girl asked to borrow pasture for her horses. Since then, Carrie has come to own two happy Icelandics and enjoys riding as often as she can. After researching and talking to other Endurance riders, she successfully completed several rides in 2017. Carrie is very pleased to be part of the DRM board this year. She looks forward to many more miles down the trail with her new friends, four-legged and two-legged.






Trish Forde

Trish found herself attracted to the riders of DRM only about a year and a half ago. She considers herself relatively new to riding. She did not grow up with horses but when her 10-year-old daughter found her passion as a dressage rider, her family ended up purchasing their first horse, Taurus, an Arab-X. After a few years of boarding and spending many hours at the barn, they decided to purchase their own boarding facility. In 2010 Superior Equestrian Centre was born! Trish enjoyed learning her way around the horse boarding business and after her daughter moved to Ontario with a new horse more suitable to her level of riding, someone had to look after Taurus and ride him. Trish was 40 years old and had only been on a horse two or three times as a child, but really loved riding lessons and just wanted to trail ride. Unfortunately, in 2015, the family lost Taurus to severe torsion colic. Shortly afterward, Trish had the opportunity to own and start her first gelding, Copper, also an Arab-X. She sent him for training and attended some local clinics. In 2016, Trish and her cousin, Carrie, started preparing themselves and conditioning their horses for their first 15 mile competitive trail ride at the end of the 2016 season. After this ride, they were hooked! They entered in as many 25 mile rides as they could handle, both Endurance and Competitive Trail, in 2017. Trish also purchased a Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, named Memphis, and they are currently conditioning for the 2018 season. Trish attended a few board meetings for Distance Riders of Manitoba and knew she wanted to be part of helping the club on the inside. For the past 25 years she has been helping her father run the family business. With that experience combined with her education in Human Resource Management, she really feels that she can help this club grow and thrive. The board members are an eager group who want the DRM to continue on for many more years, and she is looking forward to working and riding along with them! She hopes to see everyone out on the trails. Happy riding!





Maura Leahy


Started in endurance and Joined DRM in 1997.  Continued to compete actively until 2006.  Started to assist with rides in 1999 and became a ride manager around 2002.  Became the DRM Treasurer in 2003-2009, 2013-Current







Susan Heald


For my 60th birthday, I bought my 14-year-old foster daughter a horse.  Then we bought a farm for the horse.  It didn’t take long to realize that you couldn’t just have one horse, and that my daughter couldn’t ride alone.  So we acquired 2 more horses and booked some lessons for me.  Two years later, in 2015, I had the opportunity to ride a gaited horse and realized that this was just what my aching body needed; I was fortunate to be able to purchase Dee, a Rocky Mountain horse.

A retired professor, I love the fact that there is an endless supply of things to learn about with horses, so I take all the courses and clinics I can, and am currently taking online training with Kate Fenner of Kandoo Equine in Australia.  In 2016, I happened to go to Spruce Woods for a relaxing vacation with Dee, only to discover that the national endurance championships were on.  I ended up scribing for the vets which taught me a lot and piqued my interest in trail competitions.  In the spring of 2017, I attended MTRC’s introductory clinic, and by the spring of 2018 I decided I was ready to try.  So far my best talent seems to be falling off without getting too badly hurt, but I completed 10 and 15 mile rides in both Competitive Trail and Endurance.  Trail riding is definitely the sport most suited to both Dee and me.

If wishes were horses, I would have as much horse experience as I have board experience.  I have been on non-profit boards almost continually for nearly 50 years and hope I can find a way to contribute to the board of DRM.  I look forward to working with the other board members and learning more about the organization, and the sport.