DRM Rules

This Rule Book is intended to be used in conjunction with the current AERC rule book found at AERC.org and any addendum listed below.

Attention Competitors: The following rule clarification on “Ties” has been added to the DRM Rulebook for the 2021 ride season and supersedes the previous section 2.1.8 “Ties”.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we have a 2021 season!

2.1.8 Ties

Limited Distance:

There will be no placing ties in the Limited Distance Division, with one exception as noted1. To ensure accurate placings, the following process will be followed at all pulse checks. Note that order of arrival into camp or into the designated check area is irrelevant.

  • At the designated check area, competitors will call time when they are ready for a designated ride official to take their horse’s pulse, once the horse is recovered/presumed recovered to 60 BPM or less.
  • The timer will record the time called in minutes and seconds.
  • Should a second or subsequent competitor call time immediately after the first or previous competitor, the timer will record the time in minutes and seconds, ensuring that the time recorded represents the order in which the riders called time.
  • In the unlikely event of two or more competitors calling at precisely the same time, ride management will have officials/volunteers take pulse of those horses simultaneously. The horse with the lowest pulse rate (below 60 BPM) will receive the higher placing.

1          In the previous example, should both or all horses have the same pulse rate (at or below 60 BPM), ties will be awarded, and points awarded will be the sum of the positions divided by the number of people who tied.

Open Division:

Ties are allowed in the open division, however the default will be to record the order of finish in minutes and seconds. 

  • Placings for the Open Division will be determined by the order of finish of those who have met the completion criteria. Should two or more competitors wish to tie, all parties must be in agreement, and completion criteria must be met.
  • Ties will only be recorded if the following conditions are met:
    • each of the competitors wishing to tie clearly communicate their intentions to ride management and volunteers—particularly the timer and the day manager—immediately following arrival at camp. 
    • Efforts must also be made to cross the finish line at the same time (holding hands, riding side by side, etc.).
    • Competitors must cross the finish line with no more than 1 minute separating them.
  • Should above conditions be met, the timer will ensure that the times recorded for each tied rider are identical.
  • If any competitor does not wish—or agree—to tie, order of finish will prevail.