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Spruce Woods Spectacular

May 18 - May 19

Details TBD

Ride Manager: Maura Leahy

Trail Marker: Maura Leahy

Day Manager: Maura Leahy

Vet: Glenn Sinclair, DVM


Online registration HERE

Late Fee applies to all registrations received after May 12.

Online Registration closes May 14. Entries will be accepted at the ride!

Spruce Woods Spectacular May 18-19, 2019

Pre-Ride Briefing and Information

Schedule of Events

Friday May 17                    19:00     Vetting for the 50 mile

Saturday May  18              07:00     Vetting 50/25/12.5 mile

                                             07:45     Ride Meeting 50 mile

                                             08:00     Start 50 mile

                                             08:30     Ride Meeting 25/12.5 mile

                                             09:00     Start 25 mile & 12.5 mile

                                             18:00~   Potluck & Awards

Sunday May 19                  06:00     Vetting

                                             06:45     Ride Meeting

                                             07:00     Start 50 mile

                                             07:30     Ride Meeting

                                             08:00     Start 25 mile & 12.5 mile

Trial Marking

The trail has been marked under the following standards

  • All markers are on the right side
  • Markers are the color and white (pink & white, blue & white)
  • Three markers or more indicate pay attention, look for clues as to what is happening
  • For corners
    • Right turn = white ribbon to the right or before the ribbon
    • Left turn = white ribbon to the left or after the ribbons
    • Where possible arrows for the corners
  • Painted arrows on the ground have been added for some corners
  • Flags in the ground with the markers attached are used where there was nothing to hang from.
  • We have attempted to add distance markers for each loop at the 3 mile increments

The trail has been designed so that there is almost no two-way traffic.  The exception is towards the end of the loops as you come out of the bush, for about 40 ft that you could encounter the water truck or an OC vehicle coming towards you. 

We will be attempting to schedule the water so that we don’t encounter riders on trail, but if we have to go out we will try to be going to same direction as the riders.  On Park Rd you might encounter local traffic including the water truck coming towards you, but there is lots of forewarning.

Spruce Woods Provincial Park is a public park.   Standard Trail etiquette applies at all times – we are sharing the trail with other users so need to be respectful.


There is one crewing spots for the event, located on Park Rd – see the map and directions.  Absolutely no crew will be allowed any where else on trail.


Water is located on trial in troughs on every 5 miles or so. 

Things to Check Out

  • The camp ground store – did you forget anything? It is located at the main campground.
  • There are various things to do at the camp ground
  • Foods stores are available in Glenboro and Carberry


  • All dogs must be kept on a leash, tied to your trailer or inside you trailer/truck.
  • No smoking on the trail. No smoking in the Vet Gate area
  • Pulse criteria will be 64 bpm for the 50 mile, and 60 for the 25 mile
  • Hold times are subject to change and will be confirmed at the ride meeting

Cell phone Cell Phones

Cell phone coverage in the Vet Gate area is almost non-existent.  Some times a text will get through, so if you are having trouble on trail, please text and send a message with riders going by.


Maura Leahy 204.795.1915

Bill Denby 204.746.4397


Vet Gate Procedures

  • Check in with the Arrival Timer arrival Gate
  • Go to crewing/rest area to get your pulse down, or stay in the cooling area off to the side of the Vet Gate
  • When you are at pulse, enter the pulse Area – your time will be written down and you will receive you Vet Card.
  • Proceed directly to the vets who will be taking your pulse and complete the vet exam. If there is a line up you pulse may be taken by a pulse technician.
  • If the pulse isn’t down, you will be requested to go back out and when your horse is ready to represent for your pulse time.
  • Once the vets have completed the exam, proceed to the Out timer with your vet card, to receive your out time and turn you Vet Card back in.
  • You may then go to your Crew/Rest area.
  • Once you are ready to go back out onto the next loop, present to the Out Gate.


  • Awards Ceremony will be at the Saturday potluck for the Saturday completed events and then Sunday at the completion of the events.
  • If you are leaving before the ceremonies, then please find Maura Leahy to pick up your awards.

Emergency Plan


  • Do not move injured parties
  • Contact a member of the Organizing Committee
  • Find an First Aide person at the Vet Gate area
  • Health centers are located in Glenboro and Carberry.
  • Main hospitals are located in Brandon & Winnipeg
  • EMS phone 911 if requires
  • Fill out the appropriate paperwork


  • Contact the Veterinarian
  • Contact a member of the Organizing Committee
  • Referral Clinic is Elders Equine Practice, located just west of Winnipeg. Direction available at office.
  • Fill out the appropriate paper work


Trail Description

Pink Loop: 13.73 miles

Leave the vet gate on common trail.  At intersection at .56 miles turn right and then take the left trail.  Follow the two track to the next intersection, go past the Cabin and take a right.  Continue on the Blue/Red/Yellow/Pink two track to the T-Junction at 4.1 miles.  Turn left on road following the Red/Pink/Blue for 1 mile.  Take a right on to the Blue/Pink trail.  Go past the Hogs Back and at 7 miles take a right.  Shortly thereafter take a left and continue 2.11 miles and veer to the left.  Continue past the Hogs Back and join up with Red.  Continue 1.68 miles to the bush.  Continue 2 miles to camp. 

Blue Loop: 12.6 miles

Leave the vet gate on common trail.  At intersection at .56 km turn right and take the trail to the left.  Follow the two track trail to another intersection and then to the right. The trail consists of all two track with footing that varies from firm grassy trail to some loose sand. At 5 miles the trail meets up with the southern park boundary. Turn left and continue 1 mile and take a sharp Left turn. Continue 3.1 miles and join up with other loop(s).  Continue 1.5 miles to Cabin.  Go down into valley and turn left into bush.  Coming out of bush follow 2 track to camp

Yellow Loop: 11.68 miles

Leave the vet gate on common trail.  At intersection at .62 miles take Yellow/Blue.  Follow the two track to the next intersection, continue straight and go past the Cabin and take a right.  Continue on the two track to the T-Junction at 4.1miles.  Turn right and continue 1.68 miles to the.  Turn right into the bush on two track. Continue 1.68 miles and meet up with the Blue.  Continue 1.5 miles to the Cabin.  Go past the Cabin and  turn left.   Continue on the two track back to camp.



May 18
May 19


Spruce Woods Provincial Park
Glenboro, MB R0K 0X0 Canada + Google Map

One thought on “Spruce Woods Spectacular”

  1. Directions:
    49.678209, -99.146762 – use this one!! Do not use the automatic one in your device it may take you to a site across the river

    From #1 Hwy:
    • Turn south at Carberry onto #5 Hwy to Assiniboine river.
    • Cross bridge go about 1km
    • Turn left into Kiche Manitu Campground – Spruce Woods and
    • follow the signs to the Equestrian Center 8km

    From hwy #2:
    • Turn north on #5 Hwy to Assiniboine River.
    • Before bridge
    • turn right into Kiche Manitu Campground – Spruce Woods and
    • follow the signs to the Equestrian Center 8km

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