February 26, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order:  6:32pm

Location: Darice Whyte’s Residence

In Attendance:                                                  Darice Whyte – President

                                                                                Carrie S. Wilson – Vice President

                                                                                Kelli Hayhurst – Treasurer

                                                                                Trish L. Forde – Secretary

                                                                                Iris Oleksuk

                                                                                Andy Dunlop


                                                                                Troi Anderson

                                                                                Claudia Gavran

                                                                                Tricia Mason

                                                                                Tammy Storie

                                                                                Brenda Tolpa

                                                                                Terry Mckee

The agenda for tonight’s meeting was sent to members electronically.  Agenda has been approved.

President’s Report

Darice welcomed everyone.

Treasurer Report

Kelli provided at recap of the transition from Maura Leahy.  There were a few anomalies that she had to fix.  Could not recover password so canceled the RBC Bank Account and opened a new account at SCU.  There will be2 signatures required.  Treasurer is always a signer with President or Vice President as secondary signer.  This tightens up the process.  E-transfer is now an option as it is more efficient to make payments and easier than carrying the cheque book.  E-transfer will have 2 signers as well.  The cost of e-transfers are $.55, cheques are $.70.

  • Balance – $10638.36 – $3921,45 in Travel Fund
  • 5 Members – 2 Family, 1 Single
  • Terry McKee gave Kelli Hayhurst $25.00-cash for membership (ph.#204.222.3488)
  • Can e-transfer Kelli at Killi@mts.net
  • Approve Fees for 2020
  • Payments to Kelli and Darice
  • 2 bill payments – $40 – company’s office & $22 – website hosting
  • Expenses to be paid:
    • Carrie S. Wilson – $93.01 (X3) for Sanctioning Rides
    • Motion made to pay Carrie – Troi Accepts, Iris Seconds, All in Favor

Manitoba Horse Council Report

Deferred.  We will have include this report 2X per year in April and November.

Manitoba Horse Council Grant (Susan – absent)

Kelli and Carrie presented information.  The grant was submitted at the end of March for a horse pen at Spruce Woods.  The cost is approximately $409.50.  Manitoba Horse Council – $600.00

Fundraising Report (Andy Dunlop)

Tack Sale and Flea Market is scheduled for April 18, 2020 at Superior Equestrian Centre from 10am – 2pm.  There is no cost for the venue – Thank you Superior

  • $20.00 per 10 X 10 space.  Sellers bring own tables/racks/chairs
  • $2.00 Entrance Fee, under 12 years of age is free.
  • Consignment Table – 10% of sellers price with a minimum of $2.00 per item.
  • Donations – no fee
  • Anything that does not sell will be donated to Blackbird Ranch.
  • Bake Sale Table – Homemade donations with proceeds going towards DRM.
  • Ask Maura if she will allow us to use her camp stove.  If not, Iris has one that we can use.
  • Volunteers needed – 2 hour shifts. Terry volunteered to look after Entrance
    • Need Parking Attendant
    • Kate will take the early shift at the bake table
    • Carrie will take the early shift at the consignment table

Year-End Awards

Darice informed us that Central Vet has offered 250.00 donation to go towards awards.  Members have decided to split the donation between Jr. Award and Champion/Reserve.  There will also be awards for High Mileage and Open/Open Reserve.  Darice is looking for rain sheets under $100.  A suggestion was made to check out Canada West for sales.

  • Kelli suggeseted that one of Darice’s photos with rider and horse would make a nice Open Award.  This can be given as a certificate and the photo taken afterwards.
  • A certificate for a club jacket.  The winner can choose size and color.

Promotional Items (Shannon Yaskiw – Absent)


Communications (Carrie)

III.  The Google Account was adopted at last AGM.  Carrie will write up a policy.

  • Created DRM Google Account with Email
  • File types – .PDF, DOC, MAPS, Spread Sheet
  • Documents can be shared – view only or edit
  • Mass emails
  • Maintained by Kelli

IV.  Darie requires the Email List

II.  Ride Calendar with logos of both clubs.


  • Updating both websites is a big job.  Since the information is relevant to both clubs, it would be easier to combine the club websites in the near future.

Coaching Levy

Post process on Facebook on how to get the NCCP number and take required courses.

  • Iris is looking into whether Jr. riders are under their sponsor’s number or parent’s number.
  • What is the liability for sponsoring Jr. riders?
  • AERC – Ride Manager assigns a coach.
  • $3.00 of fee goes to MHC and $2.00 goes to DRM.

Coggins Requirement

Coggins will be effective for full calendar year.

By-Law Review (Kelli)

MEC – Deferred

MTRC Clinic – May 9, 2020

Meeting Schedule (Wednesdays)

  1. April 6, 2020 at Kelli’s residence
  2. June – TBA
  3. August – TBA
  4. October – TBA
  5. AGM –
  6. November 7, 2020
  7. Awards Night – November 14, 2020

Ride Operations

  1. Sanctioning – Carrie has sanctioned 3 rides.
  2. Ride Fees – Carrie will submit to AERC
  3. Placement Ribbons (Shannon) – Need to order.
  4. Not all RM’s use completion ribbons.
  5. The second day is difficult to hand out ribbons.
  6. It has been agreed that we will no longer use completion ribbons.
  7. Equipment – Coordinate with Elizabeth for equipment requirements, give her 2 days notice.
  8. SEC and Iris will lend plastic step in posts.
  9. Andy will donate plates and cutlery.
  10. RM/TM/DM Checklists – Who is responsible for
  11. Water on trail – Ride Manager or delegate
  12. Trail Ribbons – Pick up or drop off at Elizabeth’s Garage.  Make as neat as possible to help Elizabeth out.

Ride Updates

  • BHP – Claudia (RM) – Darice (TM) will meet with part regarding the permit.  Glenn Sinclair is the Vet.
  • Mars – Carrie/Shannon (RM) – Permit needs to be submitted.  Central Vet.  Trish is ask Larry if we could use his water tank/trailer.
  • Brightstone/Belair – Tricia (RM) – Beausejour Vet, require Scribe and Training for Vet.
  • Spruce Woods – Maura (RM) – Follow up to see if Maura is still going to be the RM.
  • Souris – Myna (RM) – Is this a sanctioned event?
  • MEC – Maura (RM)

2020 Ride Fees – See Attached Chart

Meeting Adjournment