Meeting Minutes- April 3, 2019

Location:  Maura’s Residence, Springfield, Manitoba

Call To Order – 6:54 p.m.

In attendance:                  Board Members

                                             Darice Whyte – President

                                             Carrie Wilson –  Vice President

                                             Maura Leahy – Treasurer

                                             Trish Forde – Secretary

                                             Susan Heald– Member at Large


Andy Dunlop (Fundraising)

Janine Thompson

Iris Oleksuk (MTRC President)

Kelli Hayhurst

Evelyn Allen

Bev Drul


The agenda for DRM Agenda, April 3, 2019 was and accepted and approved.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES (January 22, 2019)

The minutes were accepted and approved.


Introductions.  Bev Drul is a new attendee and asked:

Q.  What do you do on an endurance Ride?

A.  Many members shared their experiences at endurance rides.

  • Answers can be found on our Facebook page.  Attending a ride to see how it is run, volunteering it a good way to learn the ropes and see what the vets are looking for.


Darice welcomed everyone and mentioned that our first DRM competition ride is on May 4 & 5, 2019.


  • $830.56 was paid to Safeguard for the badges.  Maura stated that she is not happy with the service from Safeguard and she will not be using them going forward.
  • Board decided that all expenses should be pre-approved so that we all know who has to be paid and they get paid in a timely fashion.  The expenditures are to be reviewed and pre-approved at each meeting moving forward to expedite payments.
  • Ride Managers/Day Managers will be paid up to $50/day for meals for Rides.
  • Additional Signers:  The By-laws state that there should be two (2) approvals, one must be the Treasurer.  And that even though only one signature is required, the Treasurer, President, and Vice-President all have signing authority.
    • It was noted that vendors and volunteer payments are delayed. In order to expedite payments, it was suggested that cheques be assigned to Carrie (Vice-President) and Darice (President) – Susan disagreed.
    • Susan suggested that the cheque book accompany the Ride Manager to the ride if/when Treasurer is not present at the ride.  Other members agreed with this. Maura disagreed.
    • It was decided that Ride Managers, Day Managers, Trail Markers and Vets should be paid at the rides.
    • Maura agreed to ensure payments to RM, Vet(s), and re-imbursements are made on the day of the ride.
    • Carrie and Darice will attend the bank with the by-laws and AGM minutes to obtain signing authority
  • Approvals of Upcoming Expenditures
    • Vet – May 4/5 DRM Ride at BHP – $700 ($350 per day)
    • Ride Manager – $150
    • Trail Marker – $75
    • AERC Sanctioning for rides.
    • Ride Fees paid to AERC after BHP ride.
  • Equipment Purchases
    • 2 Folding Tables
    • 2nd Canopy ($150-$200)
    • 2 water troughs
    • Traffic cones
    • Portable fence posts
    • 10 clipboards
    • Hanging file bin
    • Ribbon Rolls (White, Blue, Green, Red and Pink)
    • Garbage Bags
    • Small tool kit
    • Hose for water cubes
    • Human first aid kit

MOTION:  Increase equipment expense amount from $500 – $700.  Motion passed.


  • 16 Family
  • 14 Individual


Susan Heald provided information about one of the grants offered by MHC.

  • MHC has a Recreation Grant worth $2500.00
  • Susan suggested that we ask ourselves a few questions when we attend rides, such as:

*  “What might improve this site?”

We should discuss the improvement suggestions that members have at the July/August meeting in order to put forth a proposal to MHC as decisions for grant monies must be submitted prior to October 1.

  • MHC REPORT – Tabled until next meeting.


i)  Fundraising (Andy Dunlop and Troi Anderson)

  • DRM Tack Sale
    • Maura is running the tack sale and Andy is assisting this year.
    • Maura stated that there were 10 table spots sold.
    • Maura posted the event on Facebook.
    • Carrie will send a copy of the poster file to Maura.
    • Set-up times at SEC will be the same as last year:  6-9pm on the Friday prior to the tack sale and vendors can start set up the day of the tack sale starting at 8am.
    • DRM & MTRC members got together to make shopping bags out of used feed bags.  The bags will be sold at the tack sale and proceeds will be split between DRM and MTRC clubs.
    • The road signs are with the joint club equipment location:  Elizabeth’s house.
    • Andy will make road signs for the tack sale using the metal realty signs.


  • Tabled until next meeting.

YEAR END AWARDS COMMITTEE REPORT (Darice Whyte, Shannon Lightfoot and Kelli Hayhurst)

  • Tabled until next meeting.


  • Ride Managers need to contact Elizabeth Bima in order to access inventory.
  • Maura stated that we will need to order ribbons.  Junior Category ribbons will need to ordered mid-way through the season.
  • Maura will email the spreadsheet to Carrie.
  • Inventory has to be taken at year end.
  • Ride Cards & Timer’s Cards
    • Maura will print out ride cards on the waterproof paper that the club has left and give to Carrie.
    • Maura will send electronic copies of the ride card and timer’s card to Carrie.

PROCEDURES COMMITTEE REPORT (Carrie Wilson, Trish Forde, Maura Leahy)

  • Carrie has created a draft copy of the first Rule Book for DRM.
  • Procedures Committee will be having their first meeting next week to modify draft copy of DRM Rule Book.
  • The purpose of the DRM Rule Book is to provide procedures for Ride Managers and Day Managers.  For this season, the Rule Book will be used as a pilot project to test against the procedures that we currently follow during the rides.  Modifications will be made to the procedures as needed.  The first edition of the DRM Rule Book will be presented at the 2019 AGM with a motion to adopt it as to tool to be used at DRM rides.


  1. A Ride Brochure will be created which will document the Fees Table
  2. 2019 Fees will be the same as 2018.
  3. Travel Fund – tabled until next meeting.
  4. Championship Bid – deferred to 2020.
  5. Spring Clinic – DRM to join up with MTRC at their clinic this spring.
  6. Volunteer Recruitment – need to keep recruiting volunteers.  We may need more mentors for the intro rides at the first BHP ride.
  7. Ride ‘n Tie – deferred until next season.
  8. Meeting Schedule
  9. Monday, June 3 – Darice’s House
  10. Tuesday, July 30 – Location TBA
  11. Thursday, October 3 – Location TBA
  12. Saturday, November 16 – AGM at Smitty’s Restaurant in Selkirk


  • Carrie will create a registration form and will walk though how to access it in ZOHO Forms program.  Carrie will also make a registration form for Spruce Woods ride.
  • Ride Check Lists
    • Ride Sanctioning has been applied and paid for BHP and Spruce Woods rides.
    • BHP Ride Permit has been submitted to the Birds Hill Park Office
    • Competitors are to bring a paper copy of Coggins to the BHP ride or show a copy of their Coggins report on their cell phones to the Ride Manager.  The Ride Manager will check off that the competitors have shown their negative coggins result.  This log can be  passed on to future ride managers this season.
    • There may be a Coggins conflict with the Driving Club as they have an event scheduled at the same date and time as the first DRM ride at BHP.  Both clubs do require Coggins testing.
    • Shannon is working on submitting actual trail loops to BHP Office.
    • Glenn Sinclair is the vet for both days at BHP ride.


The next meeting will be held on Monday, June 3, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

Location:  Darice’s House – 28086 Park Road

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Minutes by Trish Forde, DRM Secretary


  1. April 9 – Carrie reported on flagging tape recommendation made by the Joint Inventory Committee: As you know, the Joint Inventory Committee (representing equipment for both DRM and MTRC), met to discuss inventory. One of the topics that came up was the colors used for marking trails. Based on these discussions, and based on inventory, the committee has compiled the following recommended protocol for the 2019 ride season. Prepared flagging ribbons can be signed out from the Joint Inventory by Ride Managers and Trail Markers and are based on these parameters. We are hopeful that this scheme works…..but are always open to suggestions. We can make adjustments as we go along. It will be up to whoever signs out the equipment to return it in the same manner they receive it.

Loop Colors:




(There are other options for rides with more than 3 loops)

Left Turn Markers:


Right Turn Markers:


The idea is NOT to use green or red as a loop color, and reserve those for marking turns. Thank you!

  1. Maura and Myna noted that for various reasons, their color marking scheme would be different, however they are supplying their own ribbons and will ensure whatever marking system is used, is consistent.
  • April 18 – Email from Carrie: Andy has brought to my attention that MHC is charging us $100/day to use the Hunter Ring. Due to the timing of this news, I don’t think we are in a position to negotiate with them….and Andy has already gotten them to agree to waive the $7/rider fee for this ride. A more complete discussion including the history and how to move forward will be put on the agenda for the next DRM full meeting. In the meantime, in order to recoup these costs, I propose that we add a $10/rig/night fee for camping  and a $5/rig/day fee for parking. As much as I would love to engage in a full discussion on this matter, I ask you to please just vote yes or no at this time. Both Andy and I have many other tasks related to this ride that need to be completed and right now we need to get the registration out. This additional fee needs to be on the registration.
    • After some discussion and an email vote, from Carrie: Thank you for your input everyone. I appreciate  the note on the history of these charges with MHC, Maura. Based on the original suggestion, and based on 4 votes for yes (mine included), at this time the decision is made to charge $10/rig/night for overnight camping and $5/rig/day for parking. We can revisit this plan when this ride is planned again for next year and when we have more of an opportunity to discuss in detail.
  • April 26 – Email conversation:  Due to a delay in receiving Coggins results, DRM board has decided to waive the need for negative coggins results at the first ride in BHP ONLY. All rides following, competitors must produce a valid copy of negative coggins result to the ride managers.