Darice Whyte

I have been competing in endurance with my mare Tia since 2011. There was a steep learning curve especially with the longer distances but I have gained a lot of knowledge
through our journey. In 2016 I achieved a childhood dream by completing the Tevis Cup ride in California with Tia. One day I hope to do it again.



Angela Lavallee

Angie has been riding all her adult life, but only began competing in 2008. She has enjoyed the traveling and new friends she has met along the way. As President of the DRM, Angie is eager to welcome new and seasoned riders to each event. Happy Trails to everyone!

Wendy Carnegie

I have been endurance riding for 9 years, I have been fortunate enough to both learn and to continue to learn from some very talent riders in the sport.  In 2016 I completed the Tevis cup with my mare Autumn.  Endurance riding has granted me the opportunity to ride in some of the most amazing places with incredible horses and fantastic people.  I am always happy to support new riders to the sport.