22 – April – 2021 – Meeting Minutes

Location:  Via Zoom

Call to Order – 6:32 p.m.


In Attendance:             Board Members

                                    Darice Whyte – President

                                    Carrie Wilson – Vice President

                                    Kelli Hayhurst – Treasurer

                                    Trish Forde – Secretary

                                    Shannon Lightfoot – Member at Large              


Andy Dunlop                 Wendy Nagtegaal                     

Iris Oleksuk                   Kari Hasselriis              




APPROVAL OF AGENDA (April 22, 2021)


The DRM Agenda, April 22, 2021, was accepted and approved.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES (February 25, 2021)


The minutes from February 25, 2021 Meeting were accepted and approved.

Carrie – First

Kelli – Second





Darice Whyte welcomed everyone to the meeting.  She stated that due to covid-19 there wasn’t much going on but trying to get rides going.



Current # of memberships:  29 (2 students, 6 family)

Balance:  $9831.03

All bills are paid up.

We received an extra grant cheque from MHC – reimburse for insurance grant for the year.

MHC REPORT (Carrie Wilson)

  • The MHC meeting was 3.5 hours long.
  • John Savard is retiring.
  • Distance Sports – no specific ruling. We have to work within the confines of MHC and permit issuers and how they interpret the covid rules/restrictions.
  • Sarah and John Biron have joined. Sarah seems like to good voice to have on DRM’s side.
  • Erin Butterfield – MHC Grounds Manager.
  • Gerry Sweet is no longer the the Acting Interim President.
  • Tamara Hupalo – Recreational Chair. Carrie was pleased with how she represented herself.  She spoke mostly on BHP topics.  She stated that she wants to continue equestrian presence.



  • Scheduled for April 24/25 weekend. The purpose is to work/network with other user groups for the common purpose of cleaning up the garbage.  Creating unity with ATV MB and the Snowmobile group is important. The staging site is where the clean up crew will start and is the same location of our staging area for the May 15/16 ride. Come out and help if you can!



  • Nothing really to report due to covid.The Saddle Showcase was cancelled.  Hopefully we can reschedule for fall 2021.  Christine from Colette Saddles is interested in being a part of the event.


YEAR END AWARDS (Darice Whyte)

  • Darice is collecting rewards.
  • Kelli – awards for Jr. riders.3 awards – Training, 25 and Open.  Kate received a brush with her name on it as an award and loves it.  DRM sweater or t-shirt with monogram is an option.
  • Kari H. will send a link to a business from Ontario that sells prizes.

PROMOTIONAL ITEMS (Shannon Lightfoot)

  • Shannon ordered T-shirts and Hoodies (Black, Purple, Yellow, Grey) in 3 sizes.
  • $15 – T-shirts, $40 – Hoodies
  • Halle Dupre owns the screen printing company.
  • Carrie will create an order form.
  • Can bring the samples to rides for those in attendance to see, touch, try on, if time allows.
  • Kelli stated that you can visit her if you would like to try on.


COMMUNICATIONS (Kelli Hayhurt, Mark H.)

  • Mark has created a mailing database to the DRM website.
  • Blow-outs will be emailed to the membership list and posted to the DRM FB Page.
  • Responsibilities – Who does what? Carrie, Kelli, Mark
  • There is a possible position of a Social Administrator in the future.
  • Mark is able to obtain metrics on who is subscribing/unsubscribing.



  • Review prior to AGM.Any changes will follow required notice period.
  • Coggins – Coggins is required.Policy statement wording will change regarding acceptable time frame – Coggins Report must show that the horse has tested negative 1 year from the date of the ride from the date the sample was taken.  Policy will state:  Proof of negative EIA test will be required for any horse in ride camp, whether they are competing or not.  The blood sample date must be within 12 (twelve) months of the ride date.
  • Rule Book UpdatesClarified timing rule. Kelli posted rules on Ties on the DRMFB page.
  • Eventers, Hunter Jumpers are requiring that horses have received the EHV vaccine.If DRM rents MHC grounds, all riders will have to have a negative Coggins and show that their horse(s) are vaccinated for EHV.  If we don’t meet this criteria we can be disqualified from rides.
  • Covid-19 Policy – minor wording changes but leaving as is for now.
  • MTRC – For the Belair Permit, they require a .gpx file of the trails.Kari H. asked if DRM had any from last year’s ride.  Carrie has .gpx file and will send to Kari H.





  • Connie Caudle was very helpful.
  • May not accept what DRM has to offer.
  • Require Mars ride permit.
  • $70 was paid and submitted to Kelli for reimbursement.



  • Kelli has all the ribbons and has ordered a box.There are enough for this ride season….if we have rides.



  • Janine informed both clubs for items that needed replenishing.


REGISTRATION (Carrie Wilson)

  • Carrie is pleased how the new form worked out.
  • Once a format is decided upon, Carrie can train Kara and take over this responsibility.
  • Will try to edit format so that there is less double entry for those entering on both days.



  • BHP Ride – 14 riders registered for Saturday, 11 riders registered for Sunday. 8 – 50 miles.  Riders are definitely wanting to attend!
  • Proceed moving BHP ride to June 12/13 due to covid restrictions?
  • Trails are set.
  • Back up plan in place? – Shannon will help out with Trail Marking. Andy can help with day managing if Dianne/Terry are unable to, Dean can help where needed.
  • Firm up volunteers.
  • Kelli will confirm with Arwen.
  • Revisit this plan in 1 week.



  1. May 1-2: BHP – Darice/Tricia M./Linda G./Mary
  • Waiting for permit but will not receive it until covid restrictions open up.
  • Donna G. is unable to help out at this ride, Tricia has agreed to help out.
  1. May 15-16: Mars Sandhills – Shannon/Jen R./Wendy N.
  • Permit has been applied for. Shannon will keep checking in.  Since it’s a WMA and not a provincial park, permit rules are different.
  • Wendy N – marking trail. She asked for clarification on her duties.  Carrie suggested to follow the trail marking checklist.  Shannon stated that she would help with water if needed.  Can use maps from last year, Carrie has them and will send them to Wendy.
  1. (Potential ride depending on Covid) Bel-Air:  June 12
  2. Aug 7-9: Spruce Woods – Kara/Andy/Chelsea – Canoe Camp Grounds
    • Permit has been applied for. Check in with Kara.
    • Needs a Day Manager for Day #2.
    • Vet will stay in a nearby hotel – 2 nights.
  3. Sept 4: Souris – Dianne/Myna – 1 day Ride.
  • Permit has been applied for.
  • Need a vet.
  1. Sept 19: BHP – Darice/Monique B.
  • Permit has been applied for.
  • Monique is Ride Manager for Sunday’s Ride. Need a Day Manager.



  • MHC-MEC (Sept. 18/19) – Iris will send an email to Linda H. (cc Carrie) and speak on behalf of both clubs as we want to be at MHC grounds.She will try to influence a MEC date change to Sept. 25/26 as we have sent in a permit for DRM BHP ride for Sept. 18/19 weekend already.  DRM wants to keep the ride date so if MHC/MEC wants we can share the results as part of their event or change their date.


Wednesday, June 2, 2021 @6:30pm via Zoom, unless covid-19 restrictions change.

  • If we are able to meet in person, it was suggested that we still invite via Zoom so that those from out of town are able to join in. We are getting better at it and may as well continue to use it as tool to reach more members and interested parties.




Meeting closed at 8:07 pm


Minutes by Trish Forde, DRM Secretary