Meeting Minutes – July 31, 2019

Location:  Darice Whyte’s Residence, Springfield, Manitoba

Call To Order – 6:31 p.m.

In Attendance:        Board Members

            Darice Whyte – President

            Carrie Wilson – Vice President

            Maura Leahy – Treasurer

            Trish Forde – Secretary

            Susan Heald– Member at Large


Eliabeth Bima

Kelli Hayhurst

Terry McKee

Shannon Lightfoot (Mileage and Points Tabulator)

Judy Olson

Linda Gilles

Troi Anderson

Absent:            Dianne Borger (MHC Representative)


The agenda for DRM Agenda, July 31, 2019 was and accepted and approved.


The minutes from April meeting were accepted and approved.


Everyone introduced themselves in a round table fashion.  Judy is new DRM member as of July 31, 2019. She has agreed to volunteer as a pulse taker at our next ride.


Darice welcomed everyone and opened up the meeting.


Maura provided members with copies of current financial report (attached).

Expenses Needing Approval:  Maura was absent at the DRM meeting on June 7th.  

  • We made motion to increase equipment budget from $700 to $800 plus an additional $80 for troughs.  The additional $180.00 needed approval from Maura Leahy. Approval was granted.
  • Darice purchased awards and has been reimbursed.
  • Darice is requesting quotes from Safeguard for embroidery on blankets.
  • Maura has requested reimbursement for advertising for the tack sale held in April 2019 for $27.00.  Approval was granted.


Total of 38 Members (27.4 members in 2018)

Shannon has requested a list of members from Maura.

MHC REPRESENTATIVE REPORT – deferred to next meeting

Susan Heald spoke about the Grant Proposal

  • MHC has a Recreation Grant worth $2500.00 so it was suggested that we ask ourselves, “What might improve this site?”.  Recommendations should be discussed during July/August meeting in order to put forth a proposal to MHC as decisions for grant monies must be submitted prior to October 1, 2019.  Kelli Hayhurst stated that they will discuss at the next MTRC Board Meeting to see if they want to apply for the grant in conjunction with DRM. In the meantime, Susan Heald will contact MHC to see if it advantageous for the clubs to apply together or not.  Both clubs will come up with 1/2 the ideas.
  • Items that were discussed that are desired by each club:
    • Belair – permanent pens (potential security issue).  There are paneléfencing seconds available from Hi-Qual available for 65% less.
    • Putting up a stand pipe or hand pump for access to water at Belair.  Shannon knows the guy who is the keeper of the pump for Belair. Potential sponsorship from drilling company may be available.


a)  Fundraising (Andy Dunlop, Troi Anderson and Maura Leahy)

DRM Tack Sale 

  • $894.80 profit made with 50% capacity.
  • It was suggested that a tack sales held in March before the Royal Fair is the best time to have a sale.  However, an indoor venue which is affordable is necessary.

Grey Cup Tickets

  • Ticket sales bring in approximately $800 for the club.  It was suggested that Maura Leahy check with the big sellers to see if they are still interested.  There are many members that end up purchasing the book of tickets that they are supposed to sell to others.

b) Sponsors

  • Andy Dunlop has purposed approaching sponsors.  There would be a Bronze, Silver and Gold Sponsorship Level.  Each level has benefits based on the level and monies a sponsor chooses to donate.  This information can be posted on the DRM Facebook pages.

c)  Promotions Committee will be separate from the Fundraising Committee going forward.

  • Tammy Storie is making arrangements for DRM jackets.  A digitized logo will be required.

YEAR END AWARDS COMMITTEE REPORT (Darice Whyte, Shannon Lightfoot and Kelli Hayhurst)

There is a 6 week lead time on ordering ribbons.  Elizabeth Bima will count the ribbons and report back to the committee.


Ride Managers need to contact Elizabeth Bima in order to access inventory.  Susan Heald had notified the members present that one of canopies was damaged by wind at the last BHP ride.  We believe that is was the new DRM canopy that has been damaged. Susan also mentioned that there is a stick that goes with the signage that has gone missing.  Someone has donated 4 red 5 gallon buckets to tie the canopy corners down with. Sand weights can be purchased at $25-$27 each.

PROCEDURES COMMITTEE REPORT (Carrie Wilson, Trish Forde, Maura Leahy)

Nothing new to report.  Ride Managers and Day Managers have access to the draft copy and any changes that need to be made can be done so at the AGM in November.


A.  Communications

A discussion was held in regards to the poor communication and late ride results submittal for the Spruce Woods ride that Maura Leahy ride managed this past June.  Results this season Ride have been submitted successfully to AERC and posted on our FB/Website pages within a few days post ride. Ride results for Spruce Woods were submitted 9 weeks post ride which is unacceptable and not in line with AERCs By-laws.  Despite numerous attempts to get in contact with Maura, she was not reciprocating and when she finally did respond, was defensive, stating that a member should mind her own business. It got to the point that AERC representatives contacted Darice Whyte and Carrie Wilson and they did their best to diffuse the situation.  Maura had suggested at a previous meeting that email was the best form of communication but due to circumstances that were not shared by Maura, this communication failed. Maura was asked, again, what it the best form of communication with her and email remains to be the best for her. The board and members present had put forth their compassion and willingness to help if Maura or any board member is unable to perform their duties.  Susan Heald asked if Maura should still be ride manager for MEC. Due to timing, it was decided that Maura remain as RM, however, sanctioning is in Carrie’s name in order to submit results to AERC. Maura is a member of the MEC board and there is a meeting tomorrow night. This was set up this way due to the problem with confidence in communication with Maura.

Being a member of the board is a volunteer position and we are all there to support each other. Board members are expected to be transparent and no position should act on behalf of the club by themselves.  Any business of the DRM Club is the business of all board members.

B.  Travel Fund

Carrie will draft agenda for AGM so that proper notice can be served to the membership regarding the proposed cap to the Travel Fund.

C.   Volunteer Recruitment – (Tammy Storie-deferred to next meeting)

D.   Meeting Schedule

i)    Wednesday, April 3, 2019, at Maura’s Residence.

ii)    June 6, 2019 at Darice’s Residence

iii)    July 30, 2019, Location:  Darice’s Residence

iv)    October 3rd – Location:  Elizabeth’s Residence

v)    AGM – November 16, 2019 – deferred until future meeting.


Equipment List

  • The Equipment List will be sent to Myna.  Carrie will send Elizabeth a note to remind her to send the list to Myna.  Elizabeth is doing an excellent job of maintaining the joint equipment.


a)  Mars Hills – Shannon and Carrie

  • Vet – Brittney Derksen
  • Permit has been applied for.  Quad has been included on permit for trail marking.
  • Trish and Carrie are the trail markers.

b)  MEC – Maura Leahy

  • Permit has been applied for.
  • Maura will find a vet (For DRM and MTRC).  Glenn Sinclair is in Italy at this time. The contract is between MHC and Vet for this ride.
  • Trails have been approved by BHP.
  • Darice Whyte and Terry McKee are Trail Markers.
  • Carrie will print up paper maps.  Dean is creating a .GPX file for following map via GPS on cellular phones.
  • Sanctioning is in Carrie’s name to ensure that results are submitted in a timely manner.


The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

Location:  Elizabeth’s House 

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Minutes by Trish Forde