Meeting Minutes – October 3, 2019

Location:  Kelli Hayhurst’s Residence, Springfield, Manitoba

Call To Order – 6:39 p.m.

In Attendance:        Board Members

            Darice Whyte – President

            Carrie Wilson – Vice President

            Maura Leahy – Treasurer

            Susan Heald– Member at Large


Brenda Tolpa

Kelli Hayhurst

Terry McKee

Shannon Lightfoot 

Iris Oleksuk

Angela Roberts

Linda Gilles

Judith Olson

Absent:            Dianne Borger (MHC Representative); Trish Forde (Secretary)


The DRM Agenda, for October 3, 2019 was and accepted and approved.


The minutes from the July meeting were accepted and approved.


Maura reported that our bank balance is $11, 476.  No new financial statement

Expenses Needing Approval:  Carrie presented some expenses from Mars ride.  Maura encouraged members to submit expenses before our year end, which is October 31.


Total of 39 Members 

MHC REPRESENTATIVE REPORT – deferred to next meeting

Re MHC Grant Proposal: Susan explained that the idea of installing a pump at Belair was unlikely to be receive approval, as it is a Provincial Forest, not a Provincial Park or Wildlife Management Area.  The purpose of Provincial Forests is to facilitate timber operations, and recreational operations/facilities cannot interfere with that. Other ideas were discussed, and in the end it was decided that our preference was to provide more pens for the Equestrian Campground at Spruce Woods.  Susan will contact Friends of Spruce Woods to investigate this possibility.

We also discussed the new MHC Coaching Requirement: We were informed just before MEC that riders would have to have a coach or pay more.  Maura: There is no coaching program for Endurance; this is the argument we’ve used in the past. Can still take their courses, ie Safe Sport.  One is free if you pass it.  

Long discussion ensued.  Implications about responsibility for juniors.

Susan moved: If it comes to pass that courses are required for Ride Managers, the club will pay the fees.  Maura seconded. Carried.


a)  Fundraising  ( Maura Leahy)

Grey Cup Tickets: As there was little enthusiasm on the part of members for selling tickets, this fund-raiser will not take place this year.


Will have a new inventory and list of what is needed for AGM.  Angela thanked for using her treadmill to dry out all the flagging from Spruce Woods MTRC ride.  Step-in posts to be added to list of desired equipment for next year.


Carrie doing final round of edits in hopes it will be passed at AGM.



Email list: DRM hasn’t been sending emails to all members.  Carrie asked for volunteer to take on role of emailing members.  Maura will send Darice spreadsheet of members, and Darice will send out email notices to current members.  

Volunteer Coordinator: position not needed in future.  Ride Managers will recruit their own volunteers.

AGM  Preparations

  1.  Carrie moved: That a motion be brought to the AGM indicating that the travel fund would be capped at $2500, and that application to the fund can be made for travel to any championship offered by any recognized Endurance Sanctioning body.  2nd: Shannon.   CARRIED.
  1.  Elections: There will be 3 2-year positions and 1 1-year position open on the board.  (Susan will not complete the 2nd year of her term.) 
  1.  Proposed 2020 Ride Calendar

Possibilities include: 

May long: Shannon and Carrie – Mars Hill

August (or end of July)? Claudia to RM at BHP

Red Deer: ? June 2nd.   RM? Possibly Belair if trails not found.

Spruce: Maura – first weekend after July long weekend.  Maura will RM, trail mark, DM

Souris: Labour Day Weekend

Maura informed us that MEC is thinking of changing to an August date – probably around August 24.  Long conversation about MEC: Possibly switching CTR and DRM Saturday and Sunday. Alternate each year.  Format for MEC doesn’t work very well for us. Eg, want us finished by 2:00 on Sunday. Possibly no one doing more than 25 miles can be put on a team.

  1.  Procedures: Carrie will prepare changes to the  policy and procedures manual, to be circulated to members and approved by members at the AGM.
  1.  By-law changes: There is a need to change our procedures for financial approvals.  Darice will work on change of wording and circulate to members before the AGM.

Notice of changes must go out 30 days before AGM, with exact wording of the proposed by-law changes.

Year End Awards Event – Kelli

Tickets: $10 with pot luck item; $15 without.  Each club asked for $500. Band and Cooks Creek Hall have been booked for November23.  Sub-committee is Kelli, Carrie and Elizabeth. Menu will be set out ahead of time and people can choose what to bring (eg, “entrée, meat dish, 5-7 people”).  Trying to balance cost for each person bringing a contribution.

Motion: That DRM contribute $500: $350 for hall; $150 for band.  Expenses for DRM and MTRC will be equalized at end. Kelli moved/Iris seconded.  CARRIED.

Masterfeeds Equine Education Event – Carrie/Kelli

Club could set up a booth.  It’s too late for us; we won’t participate.

Ride Operations 

Food Expectations: One person has complained about the food provided to the vet and volunteers at one ride.  It was decided that there is no need to establish a food standard. Whether or not there is food provided to volunteers and vet will be up to the RM’s discretion.  There is a budget for this. What will be provided (or not) must be clearly communicated for each ride. Shannon said that at Mars Hill next year, she will list what will be available to volunteers, and people who don’t like that can bring their own.  

Ride Updates 

MEC – Maura: reported that there was a good turn-out.  All went well, though there were some questionable calls by the vet.

Meeting Adjournment

Iris moved.  Carried. Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Next Meeting : Annual General Meeting, November 16th at Smitty’s in Selkirk.

Joint ride calendar meeting with MTRC @ 12 noon.

DRM AGN starts at 1 p.m.

Minutes taken by Susan Heald