Recap of the Birds Hill Park Ride June 3 & 4

Oh my!! What a lovely weekend for riding!  It was a tad warm on Saturday with temps I believe above 30 but take my word for it – it was HOT!  I was just happy that I was going to be able to ride regardless of the temps. AND it gave me a good excuse to eat ice cream when I was done. 

On Saturday we had 4 riders in the 80 km ride,  14 riders in the 40 km and I believe only 1 in the 25 km. It was a good turnout with a few new riders taking part. Congratulations to Brenda Peters for managing to keep her Quarter Horse abreast of the Arabs for her 25 km ride. Brenda stuck with us to ensure she didn’t get lost in the woods. Her horse looked like he was up to the challenge and did an awesome job of navigating the loop.  

I didn’t witness any pushing and shoving at the start of the 80 km. It appeared to be more walking and talking probably reviewing what would be offered at the potluck later that day. 

Unfortunately after the first loop one rider did pull herself from the ride after 2 unplanned dismounts on the trail. That narrowed the field to 3 riders and all 3 successfully completed their ride. Great job ladies! 

In the 40 km there were the front runners, the middle pack and the turtle group bringing up the rear. There was no smack talk in this group either.  No “Yo!  Your horse has a big butt”. None of that happened although I did hear someone refer to my horse as fat. Hello!  I’ll have you know she’s large boned. 

I do believe all of the 40 km riders completed that day. Results will be posted soon. My fat butted horse won high vet score which made my day. We certainly weren’t first as I wanted to remain on my horse rather than a smear spot on the trail!

The potluck had some wonderful food with a chance to visit with some of the other riders to hear how their day went. There was a story of a rather large tree coming down as the riders were headed through the trail. Good thing horses have good hearing as the lead horse spun away from the trail just before the tree fell. Now that would have hurt!  

Sunday was a near perfect day for riding. Not as hot as Saturday with a bit of a breeze. Unfortunately we didn’t have any riders for the 80 km distance. There were 8 riders for the 40 km and I believe 2 for the 25km but don’t quote me on that. 

There was one front runner with the rest of the group jockeying for the rest of the prize money. I know!  You’re thinking Prize Money??  Well actually it’s Canadian Tire money.  That has been discontinued 😜

I’m going to be the first to admit I’m not overly coordinated but it doesn’t help when my horse lends a hoof to make me look even worse!  On one of my trot outs Malika got too close to me and clipped me. Of course I fell. And on my left arm that is still in a cast from my adventure with the tree. I’d like to think I fell gracefully but I’m pretty sure that probably wasn’t the case. I had wanted someone to video my trot out. I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad that I didn’t get that done. 

Over the weekend there were a few unplanned dismounts with one due to a loose cow??  I guess the cow was wanting to come to the Folk Festival for the moosic but was about a month too early. I wonder if the cow had her Park pass displayed. 

Following the ride there was a beef barbecue 😝

Next event will be Spruce Woods Spectacular in July. 

Darice Whyte

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