I used my HiTie for the first time this weekend. Both horses are god tie-ers.

We practiced at home with no issues. I did however have one bull snap break its spring as we were leaving, I had to remove it with bolt
cutters and attach another on quickly. But I was still nervous.

Night one of our two night stay my mare was laying down comfortably and got up with no issues, my gelding may have laid down in the night.I listened
when I could and prayed all was well, it was.

Today while packing up my gelding got his back right foot caught up at his left shoulder and was down. He panicked for a minute till humans came and
we took off his halter and he ran off.
Problem #1 was in the midst of calming him on the ground I could not open the bull snap. I needed one hand to
hold the halter ring down 1/2 an inch more but could not open the snap with one hand. I will switch them out for the regular clips or the quick release
clips I used in the trailer So my helper who was on his other side unbuckled his halter easily.

Problem #2 I assumed the Velcro would let got and all would be fine. I looked up the attachment process and I did it right. I will not fasten the Velcro right
through the metal loop and I will attach it on the outside and install and emergency cord at the top and at the middle that I can reach to detach it.

Problem #3 breakaway halter is the next purchase, and a collar that hopefully breaks away. I am liking the system that has the emergency releases midway down the line-
reachable- as there was not anyway I could reach the top bungee, bull snap too hard to open and wrong halter.

All ended well. thanks to the Horse Issue crew who came and assisted. It takes a village!

No horse containment system is fool proof. I have known horses that have died because they ran through an electric pen and took it along with them till they fell
and fatally injured themselves, I have also heard of a horse breaking its neck tied to the trailer (I don’t know the system used or if it was just tied).
I do like this system because you can set up on the wayside when you are traveling and it literally takes 2 minutes. I think next time I will make the cords shorter.
They were just off the ground as one instruction says but the HiTie video says 3-4 off the ground. Maybe that will make a difference.

I am glad I bought them.

Angie Lavallee

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