Some may call us crazy….but mostly we just really enjoy being out on the trail. We’re no different from you, we have a horse that we enjoy riding, so we’ve found a discipline that allows us to compete on the trails. We all started with not-so-fit horses and many of us started as (and still are?) not-so-fit riders. We enjoy having a goal, something to prepare for. Any time spent on your horse is good for them and you, so why not join a sport that celebrates that? We have a lot of fun everywhere….on the trail, in camp, getting ready for rides, games nights, board meetings…all of it.

Our page “Where Do I Start?” has some excellent ideas for getting going. And we’re always here to help! Leave a note on our Facebook page, or email any of the board members or mentors. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions, and we love welcoming New Riders.

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