From Darice…

Ride season is almost here!  Are you ready??? If yes wonderful and if no well what the heck are you waiting for??? Actually if you’re not ready we do have shorter rides to get you ready for the longer ones. AND if you don’t know where to start we have mentored rides available. So what I’m really saying is you haven’t an excuse not to come out and give it a whirl.

You don’t have an Arab?  Whatever. We don’t care. We are “the more the merrier” group. We just want you to come out, enjoy yourself and spend time with your horse.

This sport is about challenging you and challenging your horse. You can build on each outing. Do 10 miles, move to 15 then 25 then 50 then next thing you know you’re riding down the 100 mile trail at Tevis and yes that is what happened to me. And I do realize that’s not on most people’s bucket list but the point is you build to what works for you.

I am not going to lie it is an addictive sport. There is the excitement of heading to a ride, the start, getting your horse settled, settling into the ride, vetting in your horse and then replaying the ride in your head when you’re done. You go over what happened and where you could improve for the next time.  Sometimes you think “that’s it!  I’m done!  Never again” but then a couple of days (or hours) later you start to think about how you would do things differently at the next ride.

And then there are the people!  Trust me.  There are wonderful, fun people at these rides. You won’t be sorry you came out. I sure wasn’t.

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