Pictured: Volunteers, Josephine Bima and Janine Thomson heading out to demark trail, and Michele Bourgoin waiting to take pulses on the next batch of horses to arrive.

From the desk of Ride Manager, Elizabeth Bima:

Belair went off without a hitch! The curse is broke 😁. Thank you to all the generous volunteers who gave their time and energy to put on a great ride.

Carrie Schellenberg Wilson and Trish Leiman Forde – the day managers who are both so incredibly competent and fun. You stepped up and rescued me when my escaping mare hijacked my life this week. Thanks for the socks and coffee!

Carol Gibson – keeper of time who kept us all on track and gently steered me in the right direction whenever I went “off trail”.

Rob Anderson – “waterboy” extraordinaire who gave up his whole weekend and then some to help keep our horses cool and hydrated.

Iris Oleksuk – who without fuss or muss braved the bugs and heat to mark a fun twisty trail.

Janine Thomson – who is always on hand to offer sound advice, support the club and who hauled out her quad to demark trail on a steamy July afternoon.

Josephine Bima – who responds well to motherly nagging (someone raised that girl right!), pitched in to scribe and hopped on the quad with Janine.

Laura Longley and Michele Bourgoin – who came out just because they are good people and probably curious about the crazy crew who participate in this sport. They held and cooled horses, took pulses and generally made all our lives easier. Come out and ride with us soon!

Glenn Sinclair – my favourite vet eeevvvveeeerrrr! Who always goes well beyond the call of duty and is so very generous with his time and knowledge. This weekend he gifted me with one of the best laughs I’ve had in a long time. Keep that sunscreen to yourself, Dr. Sinclair!

DRM – you put your trust in a rookie. Thanks for the invaluable experience and lessons!

I hope all riders – new, old and in between – had a great time out there! Our next ride is at Spruce in August! The reins have been handed over to Maura Leahy who can do this all with both hands tied behind her back. This is a very good thing since I’m going to sleep for a month

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