Pictured: Trish Leiman Forde on Koda (Mustang)

I’m not going to talk about the ride part of Spruce Woods as I couldn’t ride it and I’ve asked others to comment on that part. I do want to talk about the event. WOW! What an awesome turnout!! We had riders from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Board has been very active in promoting our rides and it appears to be paying off! It’s so wonderful to come to a competition and there BE competition. The venue was packed to the rafters with rigs and horses everywhere. It was rearing room only!

I know you’re thinking well it’s all Arabs at these events. Well you would need to rethink your thinking! We had a Mustang, an Icelandic, a Tennessee Walking Horse, a Thoroughbred, a Welsh Pony, a Paint, an Appaloosa, several Quarter Horses and a Morgan, who completed the 50 mile ride AND won Best Conditioned OVER an Arab thank you very much.
So you see it isn’t just an Arab sport. Yes they do well but they’re not the only ride in town. A well conditioned horse is a well conditioned competitor!

We had riders ranging from age 7-70. We actually found some men to come out and ride with us too! I’m pretty sure we haven’t frightened them away as I heard mention of seeing us at MEC.
Evening chats were spread throughout the campground while songs were sung by the campfire. Not well but they were sung anyway. Some of us apparently can hold a tune better than me but I’ve never let that stop me from singing. It appears maybe we need the words to a lot of songs. Perhaps a karaoke machine is in order.

For a few people it was their first ride with us and based on the smiles I think all will be back. Looking through my pictures I see very happy riders out enjoying their horses on the fabulous trails at Spruce. So, seriously, what’s stopping you from coming to join us? You need to give us a test ride to find out what we are all about. Bet you love it!

Darice, President (and promoter of all things fun )

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