DRM members, you are invited to the first sanctioned* ride of the year. We will be “Riding on Mars” on May 15th and 16th, 2021 at Mars Hills WMA.  You can click here to register or on any “register here” link.

*This ride is taking place based on the current Covid-19 policies, which are subject to change, and we are still obtaining AERC sanctioning. In the event of a change we will let you know immediately. Should the ride be cancelled, your ride fees will be refunded if requested or automatically kept for the next ride.  Any memberships received will be retained.

A negative Coggins test, within one year of date on the Coggins form, is required for registration.

Be sure that you and everyone in your vehicle prints out and completes a self declaration. Upon arrival, you will be required to present a self-declaration form for each person in your vehicle and then you will be directed to a parking spot that maintains social distancing between rigs. 

 Ride ScheduleSaturday May 15Sunday May 16
Vetting7:00 AM7:00 AM
50 Mile Ride Start8:00 AM8:00 AM
25 Mile Ride Start9:00 AM9:00 AM
10/15 Mile Rides Start10:00 AM10:00 AM

Registration closes May 11. Late registrations and walk-up registrations are not permitted due to Covid-19 provincial policies. Your registration is complete when you receive your confirmation email. If you don’t get a confirmation email, please message Carrie Schellenberg Wilson.

We will be using the same camp location as 2 years ago. It is located on Rd 84N just west of Rd 39E.If you’re coming from Hwy 59 turn East at Rd 84N which is 2 miles south of Hwy 317.  You will come to a curve in the road it’s located just after that on the North side. There will be a sign indicating ride camp.  If you are coming from Hwy 12, turn West on Rd 84N.  This road is hard to find cause there is no road sign there.  It is in the middle of the curves on the highway.  Camp is located just west of Rd 39E.  Look for a sign indicating ride camp.

The ride map will be provided prior to the ride to preregistered riders.

Bring your own supplies although water may be provided for horses. There are no toilet facilities.

Participants are advised to review the DRM covid policies prior to attendance. Social distancing policies will be in effect. It is ‘recommended’ that you wear a mask while in ride camp, but you MUST wear one when presenting to the vet or approaching ride officials. Please, no gathering in groups and no congregating by the ride manager’s tent nor by the vetting area and trot lane. The ride manager/covid officer reserves the right to ask those who violate covid policies to leave the area.

For those wishing to camp overnight, someone (from ride management) should be at the ride tent after 6 on the Friday night. Please let the ride manager know if you plan on arriving Friday and/or if you are staying the Saturday night.

No formal ride meeting is allowed due to Covid restrictions so if you have questions please do your best to get them in ahead of time.

All tacking and holds will occur at your trailer, you will be called when it is your time to vet at holds to avoid congestion at the vet. No courtesy pulse checks will be provided, so be prepared to check your own horses prior to the vet. Please note masks will be required when you present at the vet gate but not while riding or trotting out your horse.

When in doubt please follow the flags. Also, we will try to spray any corners where there is a possibility to turn. Trail sabotage does happen so look on the ground for markings if you’re lost or confused.  Large versions of the ride maps will be available near the ride tent for you to take a picture of as well. Look in the discussion section of this event to find pictures of the maps too.

Ride Manager Saturday: Tricia Mason
Cell (204)266-3555

Veterinarian: Brittney Derksen

Trail Marker: Jennifer Rogers and Wendy Nagtegaal

Ride Manager Sunday: Shannon Lightfoot
Cell (204) 298-4268

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