Thank you to our Volunteers! We are so excited to add two new Ride Managers to our club. Claudia Gavran and Tricia Mason, thank you for stepping up! We also hope to see some new trail markers working with our experienced crew to learn how to scope and mark new trail. Also, Andy Dunlop has stepped up to manage the Tack Sale in April and has also been an invaluable new Ride Manager in the last two years. This year she hopes to be riding her new horse. We also need to mention Elizabeth who carefully stores and keeps track of all our ride equipment. This is such an important task that makes a Ride Manager’s job so much easier. Thank you! We couldn’t ride without you!

The new Board of Directors was voted in at our AGM in November. Welcome back to Kelli Hayhurst, taking on the role of Treasurer. Kelli has been active in distance riding for many years and was instrumental in the creation of DRM. We are so grateful to have her experience and expertise to help guide us. Read more about Kelli and our other Board Members.

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